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Times are tough.  Times are going to get tougher.  Food prices rise again.

The average Household Food Basket increased by R98,08 (2,3%) month-on-month, and R400,83 (10,2%) year-on-year.  The rise in food prices in October are set to continue into 2022. Read More  

Food Poverty Line Warning

The updated Food Poverty Line is now R624/m.  The Child Support Grant is R460/m.  Every year our poverty indices get worse. Read More

Massive food price spikes in Cities affected by social unrest.

The average cost of all household baskets has increased by R384,78 or 10% to R4 241,11 over the past 12 months. The food price spikes indicate that households are enduring great hardship and it is incumbent on the state to intervene. Read more