Location, Pietermartizburg, South Africa
079 398 9384 / 072 324 5043

About us

The Pietermaritzburg Economic Justice & Dignity Group envisions a society of solidarity rooted in new forms of relationships based on a politics of love and universality for a new economy which serves society and provides justice, equity, and dignity for all

We were founded in 2018 in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa, in response to the unjust and unequal political economy of South Africa which is characterized by high levels of economic inequality, low baseline wages, high levels of unemployment, an household affordability crisis and an apartheid neoliberal capitalism that destroys human solidarity.

We locate ourselves in solidarity with those who suffer the consequences of this unjust political economy; and in support of imagining and working towards a more just political economy which is dignified, just and inclusive. Our practice is founded on the principle that it is the voices from the margins and their lived experiences which provides the basis to re-imagine an alternative to the capitalist system and the possibility to create a new society and economy.

The Pietermaritzburg Economic Justice & Dignity Group has three strategies which informs three interconnected areas of work.  These are:

  • Research and Publications: Produce grounded evidence-based research with people in struggle that brings to life the real picture of the current political economy to assist movements engage in economic justice struggles, trade-unions, the media and policy makers, to contest the hegemonic economic narrative and advance systemic change that has credibility on the margins
  • Solidarity with local struggles: Connect to and support local struggles where people organize themselves, think through and lead their own struggles for economic justice and dignity. Our grounded research emerges from this solidarity and is used by movements.  This includes solidarity and support work with women pensioners and workers.
  • Policy & Systemic Change: Collaborating with and being part of alliances, campaigns and coalitions that advocate for systemic change to the current political economy and expands economic justice and dignity



Mervyn Abrahams
Programme Coordinator
Email:  mervyn@pmbejd.org.za
Cell: 079 398 9384

Julie Smith
Email:  julie@pmbejd.org.za
Cell:  072 324 5043

Manakhe Chiya
Email:  manakhe@pmbejd.org.za
Cell:  073 794 8285