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   Household Food Basket May 2020 =R3 470.92 | Month-on-month increase on Basket May 2020 =1.8% | Year-on-year increase on Basket May 2020 =13.8% | Basic Nutritional Food Basket May 2020 =R4 660.65 | Average cost of feeding child May 2020 =R678.30 |

Latest News

Covid-19: Families may be spending 30% more on food than they did two months ago

Foods in the trollies of families living on low incomes continue to increase.  Families are spending more on food and many have to borrow money to buy this food.  Hunger[…]

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Covid-19: Food prices continue to spike; women are getting increasingly concerned.

Report based on latest data as at the 23rd April, which may be of some value in getting a sense of how South Africans, living on low incomes, are experiencing[…]

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