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   Household Food Basket July 2020 =R3 413.14 | Month-on-month increase on Basket July 2020 =-2.1% | Year-on-year increase on Basket July 2020 =11.6% | Basic Nutritional Food Basket July 2020 =R4 381.18 | Average cost of feeding child July 2020 =R638.40 |

Latest News

A call to support the introduction of a Basic Income Grant for workers to invest in a livelihood, create work, to kick-start a new economic trajectory.

The Basic Income Grant discussion is again before us.  We argue in this Discussion Paper that we would need to change our policy mindset around the Basic Income Grant.

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Covid-19: Household affordability thresholds now threaten to be further breached – taxi fare hikes major risk.

Imminent taxi fare and electricity tariff hikes present a further threat to being able to put food on the table.

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