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   Household Food Basket March 2020 =R3 221.00 | VAT on Household Food Basket March 2020 =R228,39 | Basic Nutritional Food Basket March 2020 =R4 406.42 | Cost of feeding small child aged 10-13 years March 2020 =R617.76 | Deficit in the National Minimum Wage March 2020 =16% |

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Food prices & public health messages in a time of Covid-19.

Media statement covers food price spikes, DTI Disaster Management Regulations, omissions in DTI Regulations, observations from the supermarket floor, and important public health message. Food prices & public health messages[…]

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Budget 2020: Minister, there seems to be an error in your maths on the Child Support Grant?

In the Budget Speech Minister Mboweni said that “The child support grant will increase by R20 to R445 per month.”  But … the child support grant is currently valued at[…]

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