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   Household Food Basket January 2020 =R3 339.98 | VAT on Household Food Basket January 2020 =R236,51 | Basic Nutritional Food Basket January 2020 =R4 649.40 | Cost of feeding small child aged 10-13 years January 2020 =R652.75 | Deficit in the National Minimum Wage January 2020 =21.6% |

Latest News

January 2020 Household Affordability Index shows dramatic spikes in food prices

That ‘’Janu-worry’’ has entered the national lexicon is an indication that the household affordability crisis is no longer solely a working-class issue.  More households are struggling to make ends meet[…]

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Spikes in Food Prices takes cheer out of festive season for poor and working-class families

December has seen dramatic spikes in food prices with prices increasing for most of the meats and vegetables in the household food basket. It is expected that prices rise annually[…]

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