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   Household Food Basket January 2020 =R3 339.98 | VAT on Household Food Basket January 2020 =R236,51 | Basic Nutritional Food Basket January 2020 =R4 649.40 | Cost of feeding small child aged 10-13 years January 2020 =R652.75 | Deficit in the National Minimum Wage January 2020 =21.6% |

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Use pensioners’ old-age grant to drive an economic recovery

Every month government injects ±R6,2bn directly into the economy through the instrument of the old-age grant. ±3,5 million pensioners receive this money directly into their pockets and spend every cent[…]

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Media-Statement: National Minimum Wage proposed increase of 5%

Commission’s recommendation for a 5% increase in the National Minimum Wage will deepen the economic crisis and worker poverty.  The National Minimum Wage [NMW] was introduced in January 2019 to[…]

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