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The National Minimum Wage is a National Poverty Wage

Now that the National Minimum Wage Act has been passed and with the publication of the Regulations to the National Minimum Wage Act, which see exemption thresholds taking 10% off the hourly rate for workers; the wages of many of the most vulnerable workers will be set even lower than the current sectoral determinations. This…
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Response to MTBPS 2018

A R20 saving on VAT by zero-rating cake flour and sanitary pads is not enough to protect millions of South African households from a deepening food affordability crisis.  In the face of the scale, depth and negative consequences of the food affordability crisis facing millions of South African households the measures proposed in the MTBPS…
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Medium-Term Budget Policy Statement: what we will be looking out for:

It seems to us that the most urgent political priority for South Africa is dealing with our economic crisis in a manner that reduces inequality and eradicates poverty.  Deliberations around the MTBPS should by necessity be guided by and respond to this political priority.  In assessing the MTBPS, we would be looking at (1) measures…
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World Food Day, October 16th 2018

  As a country we have come to a point of no return.  If we are ever going to be bold and politically courageous, the time is now.  The socio-economic crisis in which people live is becoming worse every day.  Millions of South African families are struggling to put food on the table.  The line…
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Public comment on the Report by Panel on the review of the current list of zero-rated VAT items.

    PMBEJD’s comment on the Panel Report on VAT:  The scope given to the panel to deal with the VAT increase seems to have been too narrow to deal with the crux of the affordability problem facing millions of South African families.  The heart of the problem is the low wage and low social…
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Response to Expert Panel Report on VAT

South African households are facing an affordability crisis. No amount of tinkering around the edges of our economic framework which has caused these problems is going to change this. Families cannot afford to eat properly.   Given this context, the scope and the timeline given by Treasury to the Expert Panel was too narrow and too…
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